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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Talwar family saga

The shocking murder of teenager Arushi Talwar has gripped the news channels for quite some time now. While initially, it was believed that she was killed by the servant, he was subsequently found dead. The surprising fact was that he was killed around the same time as Arushi and the police failed to discover his body.

Now the prime suspects for the murder are none other than her own parents. Further investigation seems to reveal a mysterious love affair for Arushi's father. The parent shave been arrested and a court hearing is likely soon. They claim to be innocent. Now what is really the truth, no one really knows. We just have to wait to find out.

A couple of interesting points to note here:

Firstly would this issue have received such widespread coverage if it happened in a small town or even a small city? And secondly while all this is on, i noticed the quality and standards of news these days. Apparently, it has to be a disaster to capture the headlines (or maybe politics). A typical news bulletin these days goes like this:

Bomb blast in ABC City
Two hacked to death in XYZ City
Earthquake in HIJ City
Inflation triggers panic among consumers etc etc etc

(Shuffle. Repeat)

As you see, nothing nice to say. Are we that bad that all we see are disasters around us? Or is it that we need a state of fear to keep us going everyday? Let's hope for the best... This article will be updated once i find something nice that is written in the news.

Politics: BJP wins Karnataka Assembly polls

The votes are in, the counting has been done and the winner is ..... the BJP.

Riding on a three pronged agenda, the BJP captured 110 out of 224 seats in Karnataka. Congress was second with 80 and JD(S) finished with a dismal 23. The Independents numbering six will be crucial as the BJP aims to get to the magical 113 mark.

This victory is seen as a strategic one for BJP who will form their first ever government in the south. Further with Lok Sabha elections less than a year away and rising prices affecting everyone, the BJP looks like a sure contendor to topple the Congress led UPA government at New Delhi.

Yeddyurappa, BJPs chief minister-in-waiting was all smiles as his shrewd political campaign has finally provided the necessary results. But Karnataka politics has always been a melodrama. Lets wait and find out what happens...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Oozing Pink Liquid....

It was a dark and stormy night. I decided that since there was gonna be a power cut anyways (as is always with dark and stormy nights in Bangalore) i might as well get my hair cut (whatever lil left on my head that is).

It went ominously well. As i walked back home, i looked up to see lightning flash across the sky. Zeus apparently had a spat with his wife. Oh well, lesser mortals had to bear the brunt every time Zeus had a family issue.

I reached home and walked into my shower. The soap was there in its usual location and so were the other things. I opened the cabinet and found this pink liquid. "Another New fangled shampoo that my mom bought, i see. " Oh well, off to my beauty bath.

The shower gave out a cool stream of water. I opened the shampoo bottle and poured some of the pink liquid on to my hand. Surprisingly it didn't lather. Muttering a quiet curse, i continued to wash my hair. Then came the soap as i approached the end of my bath. Suddenly out of nowhere.... it came.

A burning sensation in the eyes. My eyes were on fire. Water! Water! i gasped and then i realized that i was in the bathroom. I rushed to the nearest shower (the only one in the bathroom anyway) with a speed greater than that exhibited by cricketers when they rush to get endorsements. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggggghhhhh!!!! More water sprayed onto my face but the burning feeling would not dissipate. Soap and Pink liquid formed a lethal combination...

I quickly finished my bath and ran downstairs to get something for the eye. My mom stopped me on the way just like a guard would stop a speeding train.

M: What happened?
Me: My eyes are burning. What sort of new shampoo was that?
M: Which one?
Me: The pink one in my bathroom.
M: Pink one?

and so saying, she went to investigate. The seconds felt longer than hours. Then a huge sound came from above. I thought Zeus had finally lost his bearings as i rushed above only to find my mom......

......laughing. She was laughing like there was no tomorrow.

Me: What Happened?
M: That wasn't shampoo. That was Lizol (for the uninitiated, floor cleaning liquid). Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Me: (With a dazed and confused look that is but natural to me) What? Aaaaaaaarghhhhhh!!!

The rest as they say is history. My head, face and hands smelt funny for a week. My mom was proud that her son finally managed to take a proper bath and for everyone else... heres the story....

you may laugh in piece.