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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Executioner…A short Story

The Executioner…

Executioner… That’s what they called me… Why? Because I was the best of the best.

My Name: John
Last name: Unknown
My Profession: Hitman

Welcome to my world!!! The world where a kill is like eating a sandwich, a piece of cake…

It all started ten years ago. The world was all black and white. The people were either too good or too evil. It all began on that fateful day, the 13th of November. It was cold and dark. Winter had sent in quite harshly this year. The snow fell more like a blizzard than like a postcard scenery. On that fateful day, I was trudging through a foot of snow. I was making my way to the supermarket to get some groceries and there I saw it…rather them…

The Man was getting hounded by 2 goons. I rushed to his aid as he ran past me. They ignored me. Bad Choice! I tripped one of them. He whirled around falling and the crowbar in his hand struck my face. The numbness struck me and was quickly replaced with a soothing liquid. Then I realized that it was my own blood flowing from a cut above my brow. Everything seemed to be a blur after that as I vaguely remembered snatching his crowbar and mercilessly butchering him to death.

Moments passed. They seemed like eternity. I had heard of moments that lasted forever but this was the first time I experienced the same. I looked down and saw something that looked like last week’s beetroot and pumpkin mash. Then I realized that they were his brains splattered in front of me. Honestly I didn’t know that a blur and a crowbar could do so much damage.

I sat there in a daze. I had just murdered a person in cold blood. I looked around. There was no one there. I guess the other guy was still hot on the pursuit of his victim. The alley was dark and I felt dazed. I sat there for a while. Suddenly I heard a voice screaming at me.

Groggily I got up and saw the other goon run towards me with a gun in his hand. Looked like he was gonna shoot me… Next thing I knew I picked up the crowbar from the ground and threw it straight towards the imaginary bull’s eye in the middle of his forehead. THUD!!!
He looked like a corpse… Shit!!! I just killed him; of course he is a corpse…

I looked up and suddenly realized that in this world what I did was wrong. There were no witnesses. But what I did was wrong!!! I decided to turn myself into the authorities. I started walking towards the nearest police station. It was a mile away. The weather was cold and I broke into a slow jog to keep myself warm. I felt good and I dint know why… Was it because of the double kills? Man I felt good. I continued to run a little faster. Wow I actually liked it… Maybe I can make a living out of it. I continued to run past the police station. And so my career began as a professional hitman.

I started off with low alley hits and made my way up. Now, ten years later, I am number one, the numero uno, not just in this country but in the entire world. All my shots were accurate. It was as if my eyes had a habit of picking up bull’s eyes on victims. I had a six month waiting list. I am the greatest.
Am or Was?

I suddenly remembered the three bullets in my gut. Pain was searing through me. I tried to recollect what had happened… “Oh! Yes the setup!!!”
This was to be a regular operation . I had to take out an underworld don, Carlos was his name, while he went to church to pray.

The client: Robert, The Mafia Don’s Right Hand
The Reason: He wanted to be the new don.

It was a straightforward hit.
Sniper gun, take the don off when he returned and walk. But somewhere things went terribly wrong. When I looked through my sniper lens when Carlos came out, he looked straight at where I was and waved. It couldn’t be right. It looked like he was waving me goodbye and then I felt a hand on my shoulder wheel me around and pump three bullets in my stomach. It’s a painful way to die, being shot in the stomach.

I looked up and saw Robert’s face clearly. This was a bloody setup. But Why??? Questions would have to wait, now it was time for a hit back. I wasn’t going down that easy. I pulled out my 8” blade and buried it deep inside him. The initial shock never left his face. He looked like one of those funny ghosts. Very funny. It cracked me up.

Me: Why?
Robert: For my Brothers
Me: Who were they?
Robert: They were good. Remember the alley ten years ago.

Then it struck me. My first kills were his brothers. Guess some people remember a grudge for a long time. Feeling no guilt whatsoever, I proceeded to cut his stomach and intestines. I was a big fan of the Japanese hara-kiri. Here Robert got his hara-kiri just the way I wanted him to. Slowly.

I staggered back and fell on the floor. Its gonna be a while before I die. I remembered the past.
I can hear footsteps now. It must be Carlos’ men. I close my eyes, waiting to die. I can hear the door to the terrace open.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Action For the Day # 1

Dont Waste Water!!!

Question of the Day #3

Would you do the wrong thing even if it led to the right result?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


– A Short Story in first person by Shriram B R (Thats me incase you havent figured it out yet).

4:27 Hrs Today

I woke up with a nauseating feeling. My throat was dry and it felt very sore. I dragged myself to the wash basin and looked in the mirror… “Damn! I look terrible”. I opened the tap and tasted the water. Surprisingly it was sweet. The water has never tasted this sweet in my apartment. Nectar! Nectar, it was like nectar, the drink of the gods. I took a swig and felt relieved.

I staggered out of the bathroom, wiping my eyes and the stark reality hit me like ten ton brick going at 100 kilometers an hour. There she lay in a pool of her own blood. I clutched against the wall. “What had I done? There she was, the love of my life, or was she?”

23:00 Hrs Yesterday

I always held her responsible for my father’s death. I don’t know why but I knew she was responsible. I wanted her to suffer for the pain that I was undergoing. She was a pretty little girl; I loved her more than anything else. We were set to be married soon and all was well.
She began to go out more with her friends. Why did she have to do that I couldn’t understand? My father passed away last month and I was distraught. She was around comforting me. During this period, I wanted her to stay beside me all the time and why not? I was under a terrible loss and it was my right to expect her to be beside me and she had to. That was her duty… to serve me and stay by my side. But things have been getting out of hand off late. She shouts at me all the time and why does she do that? I end up losing my temper and abusing her too and sure as hell, she deserved it…. Things got to a real boiling point today.

I was in a foul mood because she had been out all day and not beside me. She came home at 10 in the night and asked how I was. I asked her to go to hell. Then began the bad argument. I couldn’t stand it. How could she speak to me like this? I deserved all the patience and understanding and here she was yelling at me about me being a sadist, an immature possessive person, one who didn’t let her do what she wanted. But why should she? She should do what I wanted her to!!! What the hell?!!!

Things got out of hand and I hit her….hard. She reeled around and fell with a low thud. I got a strange satisfaction from letting her have it. She deserved it alright and I felt good about giving it to her. Man! All that adrenaline sure felt alright. I looked at her and smiled.

Then I noticed something. A thick reddish liquid flowed from her head staining the marble floor. What have I done? I rush to her and turn her over. Blood runs down her nose and ears. She isn’t breathing any more. All the adrenaline has disappeared and a shocking numbness fills me. I can’t believe I did this. The room begins to spin as I stagger away from her and drift into the unconsciousness that envelops me like a warm blanket on a cold wintry day.

5:30 Hrs Today

Well, whatever she had done, did she deserve this? Of course she deserved something bad, but death. I do not know!!!! I try to figure out what can be done with the body now. Sure a lot of people may have seen her coming into my apartment as usual but if they find out that this has happened! Gosh! What would happen to me and my prestige!

Something has to be done. It will be just like the movies. I will take her body to the cliff and drop it off, or better yet, I will put her in that car of hers and push it off the cliff. Everyone will think it’s an accident and I will be safe. Good Riddance anyways.

And so I cleaned the blood off her face and carried her in my arms. Stealthily I made my way to the parking with and got into her car with her on the passenger side. All was quiet. I started the engine. “Everything is gonna be alright”. We moved out and I started driving steadily towards the cliff.

Dawn was beginning to break and people were out on their morning strolls. As we approached the cliff, my mind became a movie as my life flashed before my eyes. As I approached the cliff, the scenes were getting more frantic. And then suddenly I realized that it had been my fault all this while and not hers. Her frantic pleas and suggestions were only to get me back on track. Realization dawned at 90 kmph near the cliff.

How could I not realize this earlier? How could this happen to me? What have I done?
I thought long and hard while looking at the still beautiful face beside me. “I am sorry” and then after a few moments thought which seemed like eternity, I knew what I had to do. “I know what must be done; I will do this to set everything right.” Determined, I was to do it.

I drove the car into the railing and off the cliff, into the scintillating darkness. “I hope hell would forgive me now” were the words I heard from my mouth as I sat behind the steering wheel of her car.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Question of the day #2???

Is Milk really bad for Human adults?

Restaurant Reviews#2: BOMBAY POST

Today's Restaurant: Bombay Post
Location: Airport Road, Bangalore, India
Style: Indian

The restaurant is located in the heart of Bangalore on Airport Road... You cant help but notice and return the smile of the jolly doorman with the huge moustache who is very courteous.

The restaurant is a themed restaurant... You feel as though you have been transported to the past. One wall is completely painted in Black & White with actors and actresses of Bollywood yesteryears. The fans and lighting are of olden times and give the place the retro look and feel. Chairs are comfortable enough.

The Menu card is like an invite to an opera of yesteryears with opening pages talking about opening nights and opening acts. The Menu does whet your appetite with the variety of dishes available for both veggies and non vegetarians.

Food is lovely, tangy and fills your tastebuds with an assortement of tastes. Food Quantity is good and filling. Desserts are yummy too. Paneer and Extra Spicy dishes are very good.

Service is quite good and people are very hospitable. The whole restaurant exudes a vibrance of old hindi movies which is refreshing and enjoyable.

Avg. Cost for 2: 700/- INR
Locale: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food Quality: 8/10
Food Quantity: 7.5/10
Vegetarian Variety: 7/10
Non-Vegetarian Variety: 8.5/10
Menu Card: 7.5/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Recall value: 8.5/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Question of the Day# 1!!!

If a tanker carrying fuel runs out of fuel enroute to the delivery area, can it be refueled from the fuel that it is carrying???

Restaurant Reviews#1: SUNNY'S

A Big hey to everyone after a long hiatus...

Starting today i will be reviewing restaurants and eatouts...
Why??? Coz i just felt like!!!Thats all... :)
Major Foodies here i come

Today's Restaurant: Sunny's
Location: Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore, India
Style: Continental/International

The restaurant is located in the heart of Bangalore just off St. Marks Road... The first thing that strikes you when you enter is the fact that the place is well lit with natural and artificial lighting... Floor to ceiling Windows enhace the feel of the place. The seating looks spacious and comfortable and kudos to the guy who managed to arrange so well in a limited area. Chairs are confortable enough.

The Menu card is just a little above normal with a writing is a running Italicized font. Simple and nice. Variety is limited for the complete veggie (including yours truly) though there is abundant choice for the others. The waiters do not write your order down in front of you, but do it aside after you have told them all the items you would like to have. This is something different and refreshing.

Food is tasty, cooked well and less spicy. if you need it to be more spicy, do mention it in advance. Food Quantity is good and filling.

Desserts are yummy and come in a variety of crockery depending on the dessert... People who are bored with round as a shape will find that to be refreshing.

Another interesting thing that i noticed here was that the staff were ready in an instant...
A table had just been vacated by the guests and in 60-90 seconds, three people had gotten around to cleaning it up and preparing it for the next set of people...Complete change... Imagine in less than two minutes. thats awesome service.

Avg. Cost for 2: 1000/- INR (For the uninitiated, thats Indian Rupees)

Locale: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Food Quality: 8/10
Food Quantity: 8/10
Vegetarian Variety: 4/10
Non-Vegetarian Variety: 8/10
Menu Card: 6/10
Value for Money: 7/10
Recall value: 8/10
Overall Rating: 7.5/10