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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hoaxes and Fools Galore

My previous post talks about the Talwar saga and media's obsessions with sensationalism. While i am still searching for a good news to report on, i happened to read an article about the Penpricks Media Hoax yesterday.

After some googling, i came across their blog and boy was it one amazing prank.

Here is the link to their breaking story:

As the story developed, Penpricks went on to expose all major media houses in Karnataka and some Nationwide who not only reported the story without verifying but some, went to the extent of adding more masala to it.

The link below gives the Penpricks rankings (Some of the language is a little offensive)

I guess media got it right where they deserved. Hopefully this would lead to better standards in journalism.

Here are some other April Fool's Hoaxes. Just that this one came a good 10 months earlier at a time that it was needed most. Kudos to PenPricks

Other April Fools' Pranks

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