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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Hulk: Movie Review

Saw the movie "The Hulk" on TV last week. Heres the review.

Well, so what do you want? The good news about this movie or the bad news?
Okay since most people ask for the bad news first, here it goes. For people who wanna read the good news about the movie, scroll down below....

As the heading suggests, this movie was crap, a big load of it...i mean so big that it would be bigger than Mt. Everest. Why am i so pissed off with this movie?
Well for one, the director tried to make a comic book of a movie and his idea of the same was to panel every shot.

EVERY SHOT! Imagine!
In comes a truck and suddenly panels start moving and now you can see the same truck in 3-5 camera angles, all at the same time (a la PiP). Wow!!!

The whole sequence was so disctracting that it took me a little less than a blink of an eye to lose interest. If only he had shot it normally, maybe it could have been good.

Most of the actors are emotionless in the movie save THE HULK himself. (Eric Bana)
Most of the locations were ill-timed as well...
The plot was sketchy and brief. Nothing much to grab my attention.

My suggestion: Avoid the movie at all costs!

C'mon it cant be that bad!!!

Ok Ok...
So here's the GOOD NEWS:
The Hulk transformations are pretty neat.

Thats it... :) For more good news, please follow my suggestion.

Good night...and Godd luck
May the Force be with you.