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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Story: Blurred Reality

It was a dark and stormy night. Not one of those seasonal thundershowers but something beyond. The whole week had sunny days and peaceful nights, but not this night. Something was not right about this sudden downpour. A chill ran up my spine. I had goose bumps on top of my goose bumps. It was just………………………………eerie.

A shadow crept up on the wall beside me as I stared across from the open window. I jumped. And so did the cat. A flood of relief and rushing blood turned my white skin red. I picked up the cat. “Meow!” it said. “Meow back to you, little adorable thing” said I.

I walked up to the fireplace. It was the only available light source in the study. The candles had been blown off by the wind and I was too lazy to light them again. As I sat by the fireplace with the cat on my lap, I felt strange. A sixth sense, as you may call, that I wasn’t alone in the room. The cat was there too but I felt the existence of another.

The crackle of the fire rose. It was as if it was being fed. I looked up and there was a handsome gentleman standing by the fireside. He looked as though he was from a different era as he wore clothes of kings and noblemen.

“Good Evening, Mademoiselle”
“Ahh, French, I See” I thought as he continued.
“Forgive me if I startled you but I must do something of utmost urgency now. Ahhh. There you are” saying so he walked up and picked up his hand from armrest of my chair and fixed it onto his arm.

A silent gasp was the only outcome of the horrifying scream that built up inside me. “Sorry mademoiselle but it was not my intention to scare you”

He looked real enough but must have been dead several years ago. “Are you dead?” I asked and he replied “Yes Mademoiselle! I am a dead Count, not as famous as the Count of Monte Cristo but a Count nonetheless. I am buried twenty feet under where we stand right now and it does get a little stifling inside. So I get up and walk about once a week or so.”

So he was dead and I must be close to the edge if I didn’t find that frightening enough. But I wasn’t frightened at all. Well not at all would have been an exaggeration but I was quite thrilled and amused to have the company of a French Count. Call me old-fashioned but “I was very charmed by his charms” as they say. We talked through the night and I was loving every minute of it.

The rain had stopped an hour ago and a chilly breeze had taken over the proceedings for the night. I put on my coat and we walked around the estate side by side. I heard the sound of a horse trotting and looked up to see an old fashioned coach pull up beside us. “How pretty and cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..” before I could finish my statement a hand grabbed me and took me inside. The door shut behind me and the coach began to pick up speed. I tried to look out, at the hazy figure of the Count, in the distance.

to be continued...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Awesome Article on Palakkad Iyers!!!

An awesome article on Palakkad Iyers.

Quite true and hilarious!!!

What are you waiting for? Click below:

Sports Update: Kimi Raikkonen wins title in an Interlagos thriller

Kimi Raikkonen clinched the F1 World Championship with a thrilling win at the Brazilian GP.

Needing a win and for other drivers to finish lower, Kimi pulled off a sparkling drive where he was second to Massa until the second round of pitstops and then pulled away for a Ferrari 1-2.

The race began with Massa and Hamilton in the front row follwed by Kimi and Alonso. Hamilton on 107, Alonso on 103 and Kimi on 100 made Hamilton an overwhelming favourite to win the world championship. But at the first corner, Kimi and Alonso both overtook Hamilton and a driving error forced Hamilton to run wide and drop to eighth. Gearbox problems then plagued Hamilton as he dropped from 8th to 18th place.

Miraculously, the problem seemed to have fixed itself as Hamilton began to put in many a fast lap. However it was in vain as he could only finish seventh. Alonso ran in third position for most of the race and was not in a position to threaten the leading Ferraris.

And so it ended:
Hamilton: 107+2=109
Alonso: 103+6=109
Kimi: 100+10=110 and the new world champion.

A phenomenal race to end a phenomenal season which was plagued by the Mclaren scandal and the season which saw the meteoric rise of a new superstar in formula 1: Lewis Hamilton.

Forzaa Ferrari!!!

For a complete race by race analysis on how the season unfolded for the top three, visit:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where are we in Sports? October update

India, a land of over a billion people. A proud and diverse land. A land that is now but a sporting disaster.

Where are we in the world of sports?

Hockey: No. 8 (Men) No. 13 (Women)
Football (Soccer): No. 145 (Men) No. 55 (Women)
Golf: 3 Indians in the top 200 (see previous post)
Volleyball: No. 27 (Men) No. 85 (Women)
Tennis: One Sania Mirza along with Leander and Mahesh. An occasional Davis Cup hurrah but that has also reduced these days
Chess: Many brilliant players including the World No. 1, Vishwanathan Anand, but terrible support and coverage for the sport. Lack of sponsors.
Badminton: Two Men in the top 50 (@ No. 28 and No. 36) and One Lady in the top 50 (@ No. 27)
Squash: One in the top 50 (@ No. 48)
Kabaddi: World No. 1. Be proud India.
Archery, Shooting, TT, Athletics, Swimming, Boxing: Where are we?

and last but not least that game called
Cricket: No. 3 in tests and No. 4 in ODIs (Men) Unfortunately the women's rankings were not available. Seems like a good achievement, doesnt it? A sport played by 20-30 countries only.

A sport where India's ruling body(BCCI) is the richest in the world and doesnt even have a website.

We should all take a long hard look at ourselves and help promote other sports in the country.
We have the talent, why dont we support it?

Sports Update: 3 Indians in the top 200

Three Indians have found their way into the top 200 in the World Golf Rankings.

While Jeev Milkha Singh is at 76, Jyoti Randhawa has returned to the top 100 after a comfortable win at the Indian Open. He is now at 91. Gaurav Ghei rounds off the Indian challenge with a world ranking of 200.

While Jeev and Jyoti have slid down from where they were at the start of the year, it seems like they are regaining some of the form that they showed last year.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Short Movie "Dawn"

Watch the movie @ the following link

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