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Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

My previous piece on sadness has led me to write this disjointed version of a few things that ran around in my mind.

What is sadness? Is it a feeling one gets when he/she loses something or fails to get something? Everyone feels sad everyday. It is an emotion that eats you or me up incredibly. Why does it happen? Does it happen when you lose a sense of purpose? Does it happen when you miss somebody? Does it happen when you are alone?

I believe sadness is an emotion that occurs when one is lonely. One can be alone even when one is physically present in a group. Alone, an individual thinks. He feels sad. Why does sadness occur when you think? Think about the last time you were happy. Analyse it. Thinking leads to analysis. The more you probe, the more miserable you get. Hence, the more you think, the sadder you get.

The great people have once said that sadness has led to inspiring creations. Artists, Storytellers, Inventors even have all created masterpieces when they were perhaps sad or when they thought (which is pretty much the same thing). So, People say that inspiration comes from within the sadness, from within the thought, from within they said. I’d say resolve comes from within, inspiration comes from around. The reason these people thought was that they felt something from around themselves that affected them within. They probed and resolved to do something about it. Resolve came from within; the thought from without.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, its been a while since i wrote. So let me summarize a few things that have been happening to me... In one word --> SADNESS

It all began when Raghuvaran passed away. For those who dont know, He is one of the doyens of South Indian Cinema. He started a long time back as a bits and pieces actor, then a family guy and slowly developed into A cold, mean, calculating villain. For a long time, i believed that this guy was nearly the best at being an anti-hero. He las left a void that is difficult to fill. Saw many of his movies from Anjali to Sivaji. May his soul rest in peace. AMEN!

Then my favourite football team, Arsenal FC, decided that that they would not win anymore. Draw after painful draw came and slowly came the occasional loss as well. The football they played continued to be attractive but they were just messing up too many chances. The straw that broke the camel's back was when they lost to Liverpool 4-2 and knocked themselves out of the Champions League. The weekend came and they lost to arch rivals Manchster United as well. And now rumours of in-fighting. A sad ending to great start. May you wake up soon. AMEN!

Then i realized that i was at the fag end of my MBA. A year just sped by with everyone hanging onto the Great Lakes train with their fingers and screaming. A year of many highs and some lows but a year to remember nonetheless, A year of many learnings and new friends, a year of winning and losing and finally a year that leads to the parting of ways. I really believe that many will be able to stay in touch but i also believe that the sands of time work in only one way. All the best to me and everyone else in the batch for the fight ahead. May God shower HIS blessings on us and may our paths be interwined in each other's always. AMEN!